Commitment Booth / Commitment Anthology (for Hope)


The Commitment Booth invites people to think deeply about sound and decide for themselves: Where does music live? What’s it’s nature? And where do I commit to finding it in my life? Appearing at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA throughout 2018-19, the event begins two hours prior to the start of numerous LA Phil concerts


300 mg Seroquel Materials:

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natural color sanded plywood and peach color sheer cotton pipe and drape, laptop, backup hard drive, video camera (Cannon 5D), shotgun microphone, cabling, mic stand, camera stand, two way mirror fitted in a florid golden frame, simple internal lighting, one chair, signage


the table

10,000 copies of the the score / contract: heavy paper with risograph print, pens, designed plywood clipboards, ancient green filing cabinets, three types of enamel buttons (3,300 X green, 3,300 yellow, 3,300 grey), two chairs, wood table, signage




Oct 2018